Schüleraustausch USA: Bye bye America, welcome Germany

+++ 04/24-25/19 +++ Wendesday and Thursday +++ New York – Frankfurt am Main +++ Student Report by Robin +++

Today was our last day in America. At 11:30 we left the hotel and drove to JFK-Airport to fly back home. Our flight started at 7:36 pm and we arrived at 9:30 am in Frankfurt. This was the end of our amazing trip to America.

Schüleraustausch USA: Last News from New York

+++ 04/23/19 +++ Tuesday +++ New York +++ Student Report by Laura +++

Our last whole day in New York started with a walk on the Highline. This is an old railway track that has been converted into a park. From there you could see NY from a different perspective. After the walk we had time in our groups to go shopping or to see the Central Park.
At eleven pm we drove to the 70th floor of the Rockefeller centre. At the very top you had an amazing view over the whole of New York. All the buildings at night are breathtaking. That was a great experience!

Schüleraustausch USA: News from New York

+++ 04/22/19 +++ Easter Monday +++ New York +++ Student Report by Tamara and Peter +++

Today we went for a walk through the city with the Empire State Building as our destination. From the very top we had a beautiful view all over New York. Afterwards we walked to the Times Square and separated into smaller groups. We had several hours to go shopping and ended up walking more than 25 kilometers. Unfortunately, it started to pour in the afternoon.

Today we visited the ESB and the Times Square in NYC and had much free time after that. The ESB view on the 86th floor was one of the coolest things I’ve seen so far on this trip. The Times Square was also a very impressive attraction, with all those big billboards. After that we went shopping in Downtown and I got some new shoes.

Schüleraustausch USA: Addition to Fairfield

+++ 04/20/19 +++ Saturday +++ Fairfield +++ Last day with our exchange family +++ Student Report by Sina and Laura +++

Our last day in Fairfield started with a relaxed breakfast with homemade pancakes, scrambled eggs with bacon and bagels together with Maren and Maike and their host. We spent the afternoon together with Katie (our host) and her parents in the Capital City Mall in Harrisburg. There we got to know an American variant of pretzel which tasted a little sweetish. In the evening we celebrated a kind of farewell party with many participants of the exchange.

Schüleraustausch USA: Welcome to New York

+++ day 8 +++ New York +++ Student Report by Dennis  +++

Today we drove from Fairfield to New York. After the 4 hour bus ride we arrived at the hotel and quickly occupied the rooms. Briefly, we explored Chinatown and then walked to the One World Trade Center. There we visited the 9/11 Memorial. Afterwards we went on a ferry to look at the Statue of Liberty. Then we went back to the hotel, took a little break, and then at 11 pm went to the Brooklyn Bridge at night.

Schüleraustausch USA: Welcome to Gettysburg

+++ day 7 +++ Gettysburg +++ Student Report by Annalena and Lili  +++

On Friday we went to Gettysburg with the whole group. We had a guided tour. The tour guide talked about the civil war around Gettysburg, about the generals and so on. It wasn’t really a tour for us teens because he talked to much about history and sometimes you couldn’t understand him (But as it is a school trip, a few hours of American history had to be part of the programme and didn’t do no harm – Anmerkung der Lehrer).
After the three hours tour we had lunch in a restaurant in Gettysburg where most things are made with some cheese. When we had had lunch we went shopping in the outlet of Gettysburg. The fitting rooms are a bit different to Germany, if you want to try something on you must ask someone of the shop assistants if you can get a fitting room. In the afternoon we ate dinner at home and talked a lot and the host family tried Ahoi Brause which was funny.