Schüleraustausch USA: Welcome IGS Morbach

+++students’ reports+++from Tabea, Joanna, Johanna, Maike, Maren and David+++16th of april+++by stefan schütz +++05:27am+++

+++Today was a very exciting day. After a typical American school day we drove with a four wheeler in the afternoon. It was great fun and I really liked it. Tabea +++
+++We really love our exchange family! We went bowling today and just hang out with the squad. Joanna and Johanna +++
+++We both have two very great families. Yesterday we were at a dounut shop and the donuts were so delicious. And today we were at chocolate world and bought so much chocolate. It is similar to the chocolate museum in cologne. Maike and Maren +++
+++I enjoyed the first two days at Fairfield as well. Yesterday I went out with the girls to Starbucks and Burger King and today we were staying in Waynesboro together with Peter to buy some things at a thrift shop and to go and see the famous High Rock (btw the dog is the size of me) David +++
+++We went shopping with the grandma of our exchange student. It was very funny. Everyone calls her Oma, because she had lived in Germany for some years. Annalena and Lili +++
+++Tomorrow (today in Morbach) we’ll be going on a trip to Washington. We’re very excited! Come back and read about it on Thursday. +++