Schüleraustausch USA: Welcome IGS Morbach

+++tuesday+++16th of April+++ 11:13 pm+++by stefan schütz+++1st day at school++++++++++

Today we joined the American students in their regular classes. We had a great and interesting day and learned a lot. And we had a very special event where we were officially welcomed. The headmaster and even the Mayor of Fairfield held a short speech. The newspaper was also present and the next days we’ll be in the papers. As you can see in the pictures, we got the chance to thank the headmaster and Mrs Cline for having us and we presented our gift for FHS Fairfield (that’s the highschool’s name).
The other pictures are a few impressions of the school. After getting wet on our first night due to storms, the weather improved but it was still very windy. More news tomorrow.

+++ monday+++ 15th of april +++ 03:44:08 +++by stefan schütz +++Hello Morbach!
We have safely arrived in Fairfield. It was a very long trip. We started at 2:30 on Sunday morning and took our first flight to Amsterdam at 7 o’ clock. The next flight to Washington took off at 13:30 and it took 8 hours to reach our destination. 4-5 hours later we had reached our new homes in our guest families. Now we are looking forward to an exciting week.